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Mental is a social leveling guild on Emerald Dream (EU) Alliance. The guild was originally formed by Alternative to serve as a guild for a few close friends, but early in October 2010 we decided to enlarge our ranks, and Vanlathiriel took over as guildmaster.

The social aspect of the guild is very important, and we are trying to maintain a relaxed atmosphere with friendly and helpful players. We are holding guildevents twice a week in order for people to socialize and get to know eachother better, and trying to recruit people from all lvl-ranges, so noone feels left out.

As far as endgame content goes, we are currently doing heroics on a daily basis and as soon as we have enough members we are going to start raiding.
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Site/Forum Overhaul

Apogryph, Jan 18, 11 6:50 PM.

I am in the process of overhauling the guild site (mostly the forums) but by bit in order to make it a more fun place to visit. You are welcome to post your suggestions and comments in this thread:

Nothing is set in stone so the more feedback I get the better it will be for everyone :)


Vanlathiriel, Jan 3, 11 6:33 PM.
Just a little information about our upcoming raidingteam.

- Dont expect to start raiding the very instant you join the guild. We are currently gearing up in heroics, and recruiting the spots we are missing.
- In order to get an invite you have to be prepared. That means having pots, reagents, food, water, looked up on the tactics, downloaded ventrilo/certain addons etc. You also need PvE gear, be enchanted/gemmed etc.
- Understand that you might have to sit out a run from time to time, as we most likely will have too many signups. The higher attendance you have, the more likely you'll get invited to a raid.
- We are going to use DKP as a lootsystem (more info at the forums).


Vanlathiriel, Jan 2, 11 12:52 PM.
A little update. We have now changed the ranknames, and added a new rank rank above Veteran and under Officer. We have also changed the guildrank permissions for the guildvault (members can now withdraw more than before), and bhought a new tab.

Here are the changes we have made with the ranks:
Guildmaster (Same as before)
Master (Officer)
Master alt (Officer alt)
Disciple (New rank!)
Adept (Veteran)
Acolyte (Member)
Alt (Same as before)
Initiate (Recruit)

And apart from that we just hit lvl 6, and got the perk called "Fast Track (2)", which gives 10% increased experience. :)


Vanlathiriel, Dec 21, 10 7:43 AM.
Sorry for not updating in a while. We haven't really had that many events lately, as people have been quite busy lvling etc.

On the other hand we have been doing alot of instances together, and we'll continue with that until everyone are geared, and then we'll start raiding.

The plan is not to form a hardcore raidingteam. Far from. RL will always be our priority, and we'll have to adjust raidtimes accordingly. However, we want to explore every aspect of the game, and raiding will be a part of that.

If you got turned off by ICC, don't give up quite yet. For a guild to start raiding at the end of an expansion is not easy when the majority are unexperienced. I am not implying that Cataclysm is easier than WotLK, however, raiding, as everything else, will increase in difficulty as the expansion is evolving and more content is added. With a little bit of motivation, I am sure we'll be able to down everything this expansion has to throw at us.

Mystery trip

Vanlathiriel, Nov 16, 10 9:05 AM.
CONTEST - Mystery trip
Starts: Tuesday 16.11.2010
Ends: Tuesday 23.11.2010

For more information, see the "members only discussion" at the Forums. (Remember to sign up, if you haven't done that yet.)


We also have a raffle, several 60/70 raids and a helping event going on this week. And if people are interested, I am setting up an ICC raid next week. :-)

Classic/TBC raids

Vanlathiriel, Nov 15, 10 8:38 AM.
About three weeks or so we had our first guildraid in Zul'Gurub. No luck with the mountbosses, but it was great fun. Unfortunately though we only had three signups. Last week, on the other hand, we had over 10! :-) And after doing ZG, we decided to do ZA as well. Hopefully we'll continue like this, and be able to get our classic/TBC raid achievements.


The death of Hogger!

Vanlathiriel, Oct 15, 10 5:53 PM.
The death of Hogger!
Our second event was hilarious. A lvl 1 gnome raid just can't go wrong. :) We'll probably do this again in the near future, hopefully with more signups.

The startpoint for the event was in Stormwind where everyone got summoned. Accompanied by a lvl 80 healer, that would be me, we walked together to Hogger's lair, with a little quickie in Goldshire where some people got their duel-icious achievement. Once there we ended up downing Hogger four times, and somehow we managed not to whipe. :)

Afterwords we decided to make a train and head back to Stormwind. After walking around in the trade district, where we actually managed to loose some poor souls, we ended up at one of the bridges where a bunch of other people joined us. Great fun!

More screenies


Vanlathiriel, Oct 12, 10 7:09 PM.
Top of Ironforge!
What can I say, our first guildevent was a mess! I have to admit that. But nevertheless great fun, and something I won't forget that easily. Especially the sight of people falling down the cliff, a very awkward death indeed! We were quite lucky to have Jerdy around though, which summoned everyone that failed and all the slackers that came too late. Please note that we use gametime for guildevents! :)

Regarding the contest, we announced Budjavi for having the best costume! Congratulations! The prize was a costume, a vanity pet and a handful of gold.

Here is a screenshots from the event, thanks to Hothunterzz. (Click the pic for full-size!)

More screenies


Vanlathiriel, Oct 11, 10 10:36 PM.
Our first guildevent is holding place outside Ironforge tuesday 12.10.10 at 18:00. We are holding a contest, as well as other fun activities. Look at the calendar ingame for more information. (Questions? Not invited? Poke on officer ingame)

Thanks for all deposits in the Guild Vault! :) When we have a decent amount of tabs, we are most likely going to use the gold for repairs.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)
Why can't I withdraw from the Guild Vault?
Because you are a recruit. This is to prevent ninjas. If you need anything, ask an officer ingame, and we'll be more than happy to help.

How do I get promoted?
By being active in the guildchat, and helping out fellow guildies.

Can I ask for a boost?
Yes. But if anyone declines, do not harass the player. Boosts may also be offered from time to time.
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European: Emerald Dream (PvE)
The guild is unfortunately disbanded.
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